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What are the advantages and disadvantages of logistic regression?

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advantages and disadvantages of logistic regression
Advantages and Disadvantages of Logistic Regression

Logistic regression is a classification algorithm used to predict the probability of a binary or categorical outcome based on one or more independent variables. The algorithm learns a linear relationship from the input dataset and applies a non-linear transformation through the use of the Sigmoid function. The advantages and disadvantages of logistic regression are presented below.

Advantages of Logistic Regression:

1Simple and easy to understandLogistic Regression is a simple and easy-to-understand algorithm, making it suitable for beginners in machine learning
2Scalable and FastIt can be trained quickly, even on large datasets, and can handle a high number of features
3InterpretableLogistic regression provides interpretable results in the form of coefficients that represent the contribution of each feature to the outcome
4FlexibleIt can handle both categorical and continuous variables as input features and can be extended to model more complex relationships such as interactions between variables
5RobustLogistic regression is a robust algorithm that can work well even when the assumptions of the model are not perfectly met
6Probabilities well-calibratedPredicted probabilities are usually well calibrated, which is often not the case in some machine learning algorithms. This means that, for example, it is accurate to translate a predicted probability of 0.10 to a 10% probability of success for that observation
Advantages of Logistic Regression (Source:

Disadvantages of Logistic Regression:

1Linearity assumptionLogistic regression assumes a linear relationship between the input features and the output variable, which may not always be the case in real-world problems. Since it is a linear model, any non-linear relationships needs to be explicitly defined by transforming the original data and adding additional terms to the model
2Sensitive to outliersIt can be sensitive to outliers, which can affect the coefficients and predictions
3OverfittingLogistic regression can be prone to overfitting if the number of independent variables is too large relative to the sample size
4Binary outcomeLogistic regression is only suitable for analyzing binary outcomes and may not be appropriate for other types of outcomes
Disadvantages of Logistic Regression (Source:

Video Explanation

The following video from Data Unite walks through the advantages and disadvantages of Logistic Regression (Initial 2:20m of the video focuses on Advantages/Disadvantages) :

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