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What are some of the most common practical, real world applications of NLP?

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) has a wide range of applications across various industries and domains. Some of the most common and prominent applications of NLP include:

application of nlp

1Search EnginesUnderstanding user queries, and providing relevant results.Google Search, Bing Search
2Language TranslationAutomated translation between languagesGoogle Translate
3Chatbots and Virtual AssistantsAutomated interactive chatbots that understand and respond to user queriesErica by Bank of America, Eno by Capital One
4Sentiment AnalysisAnalyzing text to determine sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) and public opinionCustomer reviews on Yelp / Amazon, User sentiment on X
5Text ClassificationCategorizing text data into predefined categories, such as spam detection or topic labelsGmail filtering out Spam, Gmail segregating the news into Primary, Promotional and Social,
6Question AnsweringSystems that understand and answer questions posed in natural language.ChatGPT, Perplexity,
7Speech RecognitionProcessing and responding to spoken language in devicesAlexa, Siri, Google Assistant
8Text SummarizationAutomatically generating concise summaries of longer textsBook summary by Blinkist
9Text and Data AnalysisExtracting useful insights from research text, social media, financial reports, medical reports and so forthUsed by Grammarly for grammar correction
10Content RecommendationSuggesting relevant content to users based on preferences and browsing history.Netflix, Amazon

Video Explanation

  • The video titled “NLP in 10 mins” by Edureka succinctly and clearly explains the meaning of Natural Language Processing and its applications (Runtime: 9 mins)
Natural Language Processing by Edureka
  • This is another great NLP video by Crashcourse, which introduces the concept of NLP, walks you through the key developments in the field of NLP over time, and different NLP applications (Runtime: 12 mins)

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